Finding the Right Southwestern Rustic Style Furniture

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how to find southwestern rustic furniture

You don’t have to be in Texas to be a cowboy or cowgirl at heart. Some things are beyond regions. Finding the right decor to fit your southwestern inclinations can be difficult depending on where you live, however.

Before you set out looking for furniture, you may want to be refreshed on some of the themes and styles that are associated with modern rustic styles of the southwest.

What is Southwestern Rustic Style?

The term “rustic” comes from National Park Service (NPS) rustic style of architecture, sometimes colloquially called Parkitecture. It is style that developed early in the 20th century in the NPS through its efforts to create buildings that harmonized with the natural environment.

Southwestern rustic style has its own flavor, but the theme is the same. When the Spanish conquistadors landed in Mexico during the 16th century, they brought ornate iron work and Spanish colonial jewel tones with them. As cultures combined and  cross-pollinated, Mexican craftsmen began incorporating these styles and mixing them with their own.

As Mexican people came into the American Southwest, they brought with them these styles and they began to make furniture. Natural elements of the American Southwest such as coyotes, cacti, warm colors, chunky woods, beautiful leathers and Native American designs are peppered throughout the styles and imagery used in the furniture and decor.

Where Do You Find Rustic Furniture of the Southwest?

So where do you find these jewels? Some people make them, with mixed results. If you aren’t a crafty or handy person, you may want to stray from trying yourself. The best thing to do is to start looking in the right places.

If you live in the southwest, your options are pretty good. You can just head to a store that sells rustic decor. Not everyone can just head to a Houston furniture store, but if you can find stores that have what you need, you just need to frequent them.

To find a rare and unique piece, you may need to look a lot. Make a habit of checking your favorite stores often. You don’t want someone else grabbing a one-of-a-kind piece of rustic furniture before you have a chance to!


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