Amazon Eco or Echo? Alexa or Alexis? Get Your Answers Here.

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Amazon alexia alexa or alexis
Is this new-fangled gadget called the Amazon Eco or the Echo? Is the personal Assistant driving it named Alexa or Alexis? You’d be surprise at how many people make these common mistakes about the news amazon device.

Sometimes you don’t hear things right or you just have trouble spelling. If you want answers to some of these questions along with some information on the device and the program running it, you are in the right spot.

What is Echoe, or Amazon Eco…or the Echo?

First things, first. What is Echoe…or Eco…or….Echo? Let’s straighten it out for you. If you are looking either one of the devices pictured below, you are looking for an Amazon Echo or the smaller Echo Dot.

These devices are similar, but not the same. If you’re wondering what is Echo , or the Here is a detailed table showing their specifications. Take a look and see which one is right for you and your needs.

What is Echo? Take a Look at Our Comparison Table.

Is it Alexa, Alexia, Alexca or Alexis, Amazon?

The personal assistant program for the Amazon Eco… just kidding…the Amazon Echo is the best feature of the product. You can talk to it just as you would a person and it will perform any number of commands for you. Many people aren’t sure how to say or spell the assistant’s name. Is it Alexa, Alexis, or Alexis, Amazon? We want to know.

The proper spelling of the new Amazon devices’ personal assistant is Alexa. Phonetically, it is uh-LEK-suh. You don’t have to feel like an idiot next time you go to talk about the device in front of a friend. Proudly say “Alexa” like you’ve always known what you’re talking about.

I’d Like a Black Alexa, Please

Some people believe the device itself is called an Alexa. For instance, they would walk into a store and ask for a black Alexa or a white Alexa. They actually want an Amazon Echo or an Echo Dot, they just aren’t as familiar with the devices as you are now.

Alexa has many different commands, including some funny ones. For a list, check out our article on funny Alexa commands.

Now you will know what to say when someone asks, “is it Echoe?” or “is it Alexia?” You can prove your street cred and let them know and show them just how tech savvy you are.

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