The Best Anti-Trump Stuff on The Internet

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best anti-trump gifts online

Most people in America don’t support President Trump, but are they showing it enough? There are some great items online that show your anti-Trump spirit both subtly and not so subtly. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best anti-Trump gear you can find, so that your tribe can find YOU!

Whether you’re thinking of buying something, or just want a laugh, this review is for you. Take a look at the Trump treasures we found.

The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

This is the The Original Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder and you can’t live another day without it. You’re yearning for it like Trump for another pen….

This is a high-quality and durable item hand-crafted to look JUST like the Cheeto Christ Super Czar. It is perfect for a gift or novelty present for the resisters in your life.

Find this gem on Amazon here.

Trump Impeachmints

Do bad-mouth people make you upset? Get rid of that highly offensive mouth! One of these little mints on your tongue will help you make friends immediately. On second thought, maybe you don’t want to make friends….

These mints come in a decorative reusable tin and are a perfect inexpensive gift. Make America Minty Again!

Find these here.

When You Just Can’t Even…Coping With Trump Coloring Book

When you just can’t even…this coloring book is here to help. This is yuge! No more crying yourself to sleep fearing the fascist takeover of the free world.

You’re not alone. The mental toll of having this terrible man as a leader is too much. This coloring book won’t cure the problem, but it will help you cope. It contains 23 unique images on a white background

Each image includes a feel-good quote, like:

  • Stay Woke
  • Repeal and Replace Trump
  • Trump Free Zone
  • Make America Think Again
  • I Can’t Even Right Now, So I’ll Color
  • And More!

Find these great coloring books here.

Trump Baby Balloon

You may have seen the giant Baby Trump balloon floating above a protest. These are a bit smaller at thirty inches, but they are just as fun. We’re certain they upset a certain someone just as effectively, too.

These are great for protest AND parties. How often can you say that? These helium balloons will stay afloat for days, which is longer than most Trump businesses.

Buy this fugly balloon here.

Learning with Dotard (The Art of the Presidency) Novelty Book

Trump once said, “You’ll be writing books about this campaign.” Well, he was right. Here it is. Learning with Dotard takes a look at many of the outrageous statements of the Donald and tries to educate people on the truth behind the tweet.

This is a great holiday gift for any anti-Trump resister who needs some sanity. Get it for your work white elephant gift exchange and watch the Trumpers go wild.

Find this hilarious book here.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Wipe your ass…WITH AN ASS! No American in history is more deserved of having their image on buttwipe, than Donald J. Trump. In fact, toilet paper is still probably too classy for the Donald.

These rolls will have you rolling and are made from good quality paper along with high quality printing, so you can see that look on his face when you’re done.

Connect his face with your tuchus by clicking here.

Donald Trump Toilet Brush

Is your Donald Trump toilet paper gumming up your toilet? Clean it with one of the strangest substances on Earth, that stuff on top of Trump’s head.

This novelty toilet brush is perfect for scrubbing the unqualified clingers off your bowl. Your Commander in Crap toilet scrubber comes with a rubber trump doll complete with legs. It stands 15 inches tall.

Get your Commander-in-Crap toilet scrubber here.

Gifts for Anti-Trump Resisters

You’ll have plenty of things to give to your Anti-Trump or Never Trump friends after reading this. Get your sanity back and laugh a little without breaking the bank.

Please share your images with your purchases. We’d love to see all your Anti-Trump gear in full display!

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