Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Smoke on 420

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Top 5 Cannabis Strains to Smoke on 420

With 20th of April around the corner, the cannabis community is gearing up for its annual worldwide holiday fuelled with activism, smokeathons, marches and many other events taking place. Stoners are busy at home deciding what to wear on the biggest day in any cannabis enthusiasts calendar.

There are a lot of mystical stories behind the term 420, but 4:20 am or pm means time to roll up and light a fat one. Whether you are choosing to spend the day tucked up indoors or doing an organized trail hike outdoors around Fort Collins Colorado, below is a list of some notable cannabis strains that will make your day more rewarding.

1 – Durban Poison

A famous sativa strain that will lift your mood and body, giving you the energy and clarity to make the most out of any day. This landrace strain comes from the port of Durban in South Africa where millions of tonnes of cannabis have been shipped to most parts of the world in the last 50 years. Almost 25% THC, Durban will give you a lift to the clouds like no other strain and is excellent for people suffering from depression and anxiety.

2 – Bubba Kush

The pre-1998 cut of Bubba Kush is one of the most sort after indica strains around. Neatly crossed with Chemdawg, Thai and Kush, this Kush strain leaves you with an indica couch-lock high with great pain relief benefits. Although it will not leave you incapacitated the sweet flavours and heavy smoke of a strain high in the cannabinoid CBD will help you rid your body of any pain after a long festive 420 day. Bubba Kush has won numerous cannabis awards and is a worthwhile smoke if you have never tried its beauty.

3 – G13

Rumour has it that G13 was a strain the US government bred a couple decades ago in laboratories hidden deep away from the public eye. Basically, someone then got a cut of it and we can now explore the pleasures of this monumental strain. Packing 27% THC in this indica dominant hybrid, you will know to go easy on this strain after a couple tokes. Leaving you content, relaxed and happy, G13 will give you the confidence to get out there and make your voice heard on 420.

4 – Hash plant

A hybrid cannabis strain crossed with a sativa Hawaiian Blue. Hash plant is indica dominant and is high in THC, measuring around 23%. Great for pain relief as well as relaxation, Hash Plant also has the ability to bring out your creative side. So if you spending the 19th of April sorting out your outfit for 420, this could be a great strain for inspiration.

5 – Mob Boss

A crossed hybrid of Tang-Tang x 91 Chemdawg, Mob Boss is is a sativa dominant strain that will relieve your stress and worries. Its also a great strain for pain management, leaving you relaxed, happy and sense of euphoria. Mob Boss is a dank smoke with a diesel flavour.

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