Is This App the Future of Commerce?

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The future of commerce free money

Simbi is a new website and app that is designed to be a modern bartering system where people exchange services for services or goods. They also have their own currency called the simbi that you can exchange your goods or services for and vice versa.

When you exchange your labor for money, it is easy to undervalue your labor. People often don’t think about the real value of their time and labor. When you barter by trading without using money, it is much easier to accurately assess the value of your goods or services.

Simbi is one of the newest ways to do business without using money. People offer a variety of goods and services and you can either trade your service or their internal currency, the simbi for them. If you’d like to join, here is a link to join Simbi and get 50 free simbi when you do. You can immediately start trading once you do.

What’s Wrong with Our Current Economy?

Most people in America are hoping to see an change in our economic system. People are even beginning to wonder if our form of capitalism is sustainable. The top one percent in the upper class keeps getting richer while the rest of us continue to struggle. There are many reasons for this, including the devaluing of labor.

People in middle and lower class homes are looking for a more equitable system. Simbi may be closer to the type of system people want. It is a network that depends on mutually-beneficial relationships. There is less potential for exploitation because everyone can set their own prices or choose what items to barter with.

Bartering is what everyone did before money was invented and proliferated. It is a system that helps foster relationships and ensures fair treatment. Our current system is very impersonal and the one Simbi has created, and bartering systems in general, are much more personal. Here is how Simbi works:

Our version of capitalism may or may not be sustainable. There are many reasons to believe it has to change or it will fail. The wealth we create keeps going to the top income earners and that can only last so long. Simbi’s exchange system is something that may help keep the inequality from getting too unbearable.

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