Trump Claims Obama had Trump Tower “Wires Tapped” During 2016 Presidential Campaign

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Trump alleges Obama had his wires tapped

Early Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted that President Obama had Trump Tower’s “wired tapped” prior to the November 8th election without providing any evidence. The baseless and explosive allegation likely originated in on of Trump’s favorite white supremacist outlets, Breitbart News.

This recent move is likely another distraction from the steady flow if information regarding the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. In the early morning tweeting, Trump accused Obama of McCarthyism.

Trump has a habit of taking snippets from his favorite pro-Trump neo-Nazi outlets like Brietbart and more mainstream pro-Trump organizations like Fox News, giving the often unsourced claims more weight. The President and these outlets are a realtime demonstration of the echo chamber effect.

On Friday, Trump tweeted photos of Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin, moments after they were published in pro-Trump blogs like the Gateway Pundit.

Trump has not provided any evidence of the claims against Obama. Many are speculating that President Trump inadvertently revealed the FISA court had ample evidence to grant such a maneuver if there is any truth to the claim.

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