Donald Trump Jr. Follows Seth Rogen on Twitter, and Rogen is Making Him Regret It

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Seth Rogen seized upon a golden opportunity and is suddenly everyone’s hero on Twitter. After realizing Donald Trump Jr. recently followed him on Twitter, Rogen took it upon himself to try to save the world via tweet.

Comedic actor and writer Seth Rogen is known for his roles in Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, The Interview and many more. He was born in Canada and has American citizenship and was raised in the Jewish faith.

Once realizing Trump Jr. was following him, Rogen tagged him in a pretty direct tweet requesting Jr. convince his father to resign, “before he destroys the planet.”

Realizing a single tweet may not be enough to save the planet, Seth decided to go personal….message, that is.

Rogen didn’t receive a response from the President’s son, so he decided to offer some unsolicited advice on House of Representatives investigations, specifically aimed at House Oversight Committee Chairman, Jason Chaffetz.

Being a friend or family member of the President is starting to become quite a liability for many people. There are boycotts and other social movements centered on chastising those who have yet to cut ties with the family. Social media is not a safe space for Trump business associates, friends or family. It may be an effective way to get to the President, or at least get AT him.

Donald Jr. hasn’t yet responded, but l imagine he has seen the messages. As of right now, he still follows Rogen on Twitter, also. The Trump kids may have a hard time in their desired social circles. Trump senior’s support comes from mostly old, uneducated rural voters. These are people his kids have very little in common with having been raised rich, educated and in New York.

Hopefully the drag on the Trump’s social life will weigh heavily on them and they will talk to their father about his politics of division. All life on Earth may depend on it.

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