World Mourns As One Koch Brother Found Still Alive

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Millions mourn as Charles Koch found alive

The world awoke on Friday to the terrible news that although David Koch had passed away, his equally terrible brother remains alive. The brothers are known mostly for corrupting the American political system to make it easier for them to dump deadly pollution into our communities.

Though we were blessed with the death of one of the most terrible agents of death the Earth has ever known, we mourn as David Koch is still here to reek havoc on our ecosystems.

Send Memorial ‘Bag of Dicks’ to Family

If you’d like to send a heartfelt “Bag of Dicks” to the family, here is a link to do so with ease and anonymously.

While this piece is meant to be poignant satire, we at The Daily Internet are happy to welcome any news that may make the world a better place.

3 thoughts on “World Mourns As One Koch Brother Found Still Alive

  1. Good ridence to your fucked up brother.Hope you find the same fate.You assholes could have helped this country and the world by helping the people in it, but no you are too greedy with your wealth .Burn in Hell , all of you evil bastards !!!

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