Sean Hannity Deletes Tweets About Michael Cohen

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Hannity Scrubs Social Media of Cohen Mentions

Fox “News” host Sean Hannity has been caught trying to scrub his social media profiles of evidence of his relationship with Michael Cohen, the attorney he shared with Donald Trump. In a suspicious move, the night before Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, Hannity’s Twitter account deleted numerous tweets Hannity had made referencing Michael Cohen.

In April 2018 court filings revealed that President Trump’s attorney had also represented Hannity and Deputy Finance Chair of the Republican Committee, Elliott Brody.

Some of the tweets Hannity tried to scrub were caught by Screenshot Bot, which archives tweets as the are deleted from some accounts of import. Below are just some of the deleted tweets.

Cohen-Related Tweets Deleted By Sean Hannity

According to several outlets, Hannity and Fox “News” is yet to issue a response regarding the deletions.

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