British Parliament Makes History and Votes ‘No’ Regarding State Visit from Trump

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British Parliament Votes no on Trump Visit

In a historic move, British Parliament is debating whether or not to invite President Trump for a state visit. The government body has never debated whether or not to invite a U.S. President to a state visit, and today they voted a resounding “no” regarding the visit.

The debate and subsequent vote were held in response to a petition signed by at least 1.8 million British citizens. Trump’s “well-documented misogyny and vulgarity” were among the reasons the petitioners were calling for the trip to be downgraded from a state visit to a simple visit.

In an insult riddled debate, Trump was said to be behaving like a “petulant child” and Labour MP Paul Flynn referred to the President’s intellect as “protozoan.” Flynn offered a respectful conciliation towards the U.S. when he said: “We all in this room hold in great respect the US presidency, their constitution, their history,” and that there was “no question of any disrespect towards that country.”

Flynn said that offering a state visit to Trump would send the message that Britain approved of the President’s conduct.

David Lammy, Labour MP, said the U.S. President could expect to be invited to the U.K., but that offering him a full state visit was not acceptable. Lammy said Britain offering such an invitation would be to “abandon all its principles” and added the invite came as a result of the government’s desire to make trade deals with the U.S.

“We didn’t do this for Kennedy, we didn’t do this for Truman, we didn’t do this for Reagan, but for this man … we say, ‘Please come and we will lay on everything, because we are so desperate for your company,'” Lammy said. “I think this country is greater than that.”

Video of the vote here:

Not all the MPs were against the visit and they voiced their concerns with everyone else. The vote was non-binding and will not necessarily result in a downgrading of the visit.

The Trump administration is starting to see consequences of their actions from around the globe as resistance begins to solidify.

500 thoughts on “British Parliament Makes History and Votes ‘No’ Regarding State Visit from Trump

  1. Crispin Blunt, head of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said that “dangling” a state visit over Trump, whose mother was Scottish and an admirer of the queen, “was a very successful use of the kind of soft power that the U.K.

  2. Demonstrators protest near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London Monday parliament debates whether or not to allow Donald Trump a state visit.

  3. The Politics of Appeasement is today strongly enshrined in the British Parliament. This “No” will go in a long way in shaping the future of Britain.

  4. I’m another American who cheers this vote by the British Parliament. While Trump won the election, he lost the popular vote by several million and there are plenty of us here who are angry and committed to fighting against his policies.

  5. Your Absolutely right all the Republicans know how to do is name call and divert attention from the truth its like talking to a 5 year old well (ie: but Hillary did it too). They whine don’t call us Racist but yet the stand on their soapboxes beating their bibles and preaching their version, which is full of hate. They tell us to get over it and for the last eight years all they have done is whine and cry about Obama not to mention all the made up fables about Hillary. But go ahead call us snowflakes because a storm is coming and we all know how snowflakes accumulate into snow and a heavy snow can wreak a hell of a lot of damage. So get prepared because there is one hell of an ice age coming on we will not stop until we see him gone.

  6. Thank you British Parliament for standing up for what is right. We are ashamed of the 24% of our country that voted for this man. We are appalled that his cheating with Russia got him into this office. Most of us are well aware that additional members of our government were in on the cheating (Ryan, McConnell, etc). We are feeling very screwed right now.

    That is why you are seeing so many protests continue. We just don’t know how else to get it across the the minority in control, that the majority does not agree with this mess.

  7. to all those posting that “libtards” are just still “butthurt” over Hilary’s loss – you can continue to console yourselves with that thought one created, fed, and watered by #45. Sooner or later such self righteous defence of the indefensible will crumble – because – guess what – unless you are a billionaire crony you will not benefit from his rule. In fact, even his billionaire cronies should be worried because when he needs a fall guy anyone is a target no matter how close they think they are to his seat of power.Selfish, childish, uneducated, reluctant to read or think and considering his off the cuff remarks are better than what anyone else (including his own experts and advisors) has to say. The leader of the free world is a petulant spoilt child who panders to the basest of instincts as can be seen by the crass vulgarity that is the common currency of the dialogue his supporters offer. Evidence in point, for your consideration, their contributions on this thread.

    1. You did the ethical and moral thing in rejecting him. I am from Central NJ, USA and I for one, did not vote for this MONSTER.

  8. Most of us citizens of the USA, come from British/European decent. Insulting each other is only detrimental to our long relationships as friends. Whether you are British, Canadian or American, we are a family or sorts. We should not be stealing parts of your HCS but using the structure to create a mirrored image. History, no matter who tries to rewrite it, has had us as allies for many years. I personally love my many friends in Great Britain and Canada. Before anyone takes a personal negative stand, remember 3/4 of the USA did NOT vote for Trump. Please bare with us until we can rectify this mistake in 4 years. God save EVERYONE.

  9. Who gives a rats ass about the brit’s they are pompous and a waste of our time. And it was the previous administration that asked for help with the war not the current administration. Sorry no free trade agreement for you!

  10. EVERY country should do this. I am a U.S. Citizen who is disgusted by the ignorance and hatefulness of the Americans who voted in this horrific human being. The world needs to send a clear message to the U.S. If you put in power a fascist, you will be marginalized and given a ‘time out’ till you wake up.

  11. I never thought I’d be cheering to see a US President be told he’s not enough of a statesman to deserve a state visit but I am glad the U.K. responded this way. Someone has to stand up to that bigot if our own Republican Party won’t.


  12. The lawmakers don’t have the power to force the government to cancel the visit, and there was no binding vote. But the event still drew plenty of public attention. During the proceedings, thousands of anti-Trump protesters rallied outside of Parliament. At times, their chants could be heard within the debating chamber.

  13. YEA–THANK YOU__THANK YOU for rejecting this racist bigoted fraudulent greedy fascist Nazi–he belongs in prison for treason.. The American people thank you for standing up against discrimination, hatred, bigotry–he IS NOT OUR PRES. And he will never ever be considered that. We are not a country of hate and discrimination and soon he will suffer the ways of his deceit–THANK YOU for your BRAVERY

  14. YESSSSSS!!! I hope this will be the begin of the end for Trump, I wish all other countries would follow this example, I wouldn’t want to see him in my country, he is not an example of the values what I have teach to my children and grandchild. Nor is he a good example of the values what I have been educated to respect when I was a kid.
    He is a shame for America, and I feel for you who has to be living there and has him as a leader.

  15. Typically British…. We won’t give him a state visit bacause we don’t approve of him but he can visit so we can do business with him. That kind of arrogance might not land you such good trade deals. America was founded to get away from that kind of stick up your backside attitude.

    1. Roy, you will find that “State” visits are a very very special accolade. Totally unsuitable for May to have put forward such an invitation to any POTUS who had only been in office for a week at the time — even had they been considered an exceptional god!
      The UK will be doing business with the US, not Trump himself. Comments like yours just help inflate his ego.
      And re the ‘founding’ of the USA you need to read your history books again (unless they were written by someone like Steve Bannon……)

  16. This is Virtue signalling TWADDLE. This is a vote for belief in fake news from the media. Besides Britain should stand for free speech, not gagging someone you don’t like. We are a democracy, not a playground of petulant children and toadying bumlickers, well apart from parliament that is.

  17. Thank you! Every day that he’s in office is a living hell for the US. I am glad to know we have support from the sane world.

  18. We need to make the Electoral College a proportional vote. In a “winner take all” state, your vote gets turned into a vote for the person you opposed, how is that representative?

  19. As Sting would say……..Don’t Stand So Close to Me………..i totally understand UK position. …i too am embarrassed of 45

  20. This American veteran is proud of you Great Britain. I emphasize “GREAT”! I remember hanging with some British sailors from the HMS Invincible. Awesome memories. I’m not proud that this Putin wannabe got elected and as I suspected, he is trashing all of our allies and kissing up to Putin! to M Sweett, I say trump is already on his knees with mouth open to Putin. It’s a sad time for USA. We will resist as much as possible!

  21. Another American here who supports the British Parliament in their “no” vote. Trump is a huge embarrassment to our country and we know that he is scaring a lot of you along with a lot of us. We certainly don’t take it as an insult for other countries to acknowledge what so many of us can see: that this is not a man fit to be president.

  22. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to so many of us over here in the US who are struggling to deal with this on so many levels.

  23. This American says…excellent decision. tRump does not represent the people of this country. He is a real live nazi and is not to be trusted or treated with.

  24. Bravo! Trump has proven to have questionable dealings with financiers who’ll float him a loan. This creates the potential for under-world money and American muscle to create havoc on first/third world economies. Ravishing the lives of innocents for bills of trade is not sustainable. Economies built on the backs of slavery and war owe a great debt to humanity. Trump will never understand this and neither will those generating their wealth from it today. Saying No to Trump is a step in the right direction, but it also needs to examine the Tumpism that springs internal.

  25. Bravo for saying no! The 3 million who voted against the election of his vile racist, misogynistic xenophobe deeply appreciate your integrity

  26. I love you for doing the right thing . He is a total scum bag on so many levels. I spent some time reading some replys and I think the one written by Donny Wilmer could be spot on. I also thinks. A lot of votes were forged.

  27. Hope all countries folllow your example. Really happy about what you just did. There are to many countries to trade with, to help to develope all kind of i dustries and new markets to worth convined as much as this country. Sometimes a well insolated period of time will teach them that they are not by all means “the great ,the salvation,the masters, the force” of this planet.

  28. I’d love nothing better than to hear that Melania has filed for a divorce…LOL Thank you Parliament for showing your feelings and sending Trump a message. Trump is no more presidential than my cat…! I have exhausted my list of expletives regarding the Trump presidency…

  29. Thank you for rescinding your invitation to Donald Trump. He is ruining our country at a pace that is unprecedented Most Americans do not support this Malignant narcissist. I hope with all my being that this means Queen Elizabeth will rescind her offer.

  30. As one of the people who signed the petition, I am absolutely delighted with the No vote. Will it make any difference? Will Prime Minister May continue to mimic Chamberlain moments? I hope not. I do believe that after the tweets that man made about her daughter-in-law, who will be the next Queen of England, that this man should not be allowed a State Visit. Trump has no moral character. He lies every time he opens his mouth. Yes, the Queen has been asked to meet other heads of state who have no moral character. Isn’t it time to just say ‘No’ to people like this? At 90, surely the Queen has earned the right to freedom from such visits? And it is clear that we British citizens, might have some say in asking for that freedom for her.

  31. Thank you for not allowing Trump to contaminate your values and spread his 24/7 twitter sickness to your country. I wasn’t aware you all voted for things of this nature. I am impressed.

    1. Patrick, I think the point has been made though — whether binding or not, the message has been sent.
      I think Theresa May made a very, very unwise move regardless of who had (only just) become the 45th president. Previously state visits have only been for long-established and highly regarded political figures from around the world. She clearly acted alone and had not consulted parliament.

  32. I am feeling very grateful about Parliament’s vote. Mr. Trump is an embarrassment for the US around the world. It is awesome to know others see what the majority of Americans see.

  33. So sad that the people of Great Britain claim to know and understand anything about the presidential election in the US, President Trump, or the relentless reporting of lies about Donald Trump and his administration. Unless you can produce concrete proof of the allegations heaped on President Trump, then believing the reporting of mainstream media in the US or abroad is gullible, naive, and quite stupid on the part of anyone outside of America. Of course, if the whole of the population of the British Isles are socialists, then enough said. If not, then what is being witnessed by America is idiotic, childish behavior by politicians protecting their positions and have no real understanding of what has been happening in the US over the last eight years or why President Trump was elected and supported by a majority in our country. Stay ignorant. Your lose. So sad.

    1. Janet, the British people know a lot about the world. They are actually more educated about political issues than most Americans. I applaud their vote, and even though it is “non-binding” I hope they will stick to this decision. They have decided not to allow him a State Visit; but they have not barred him completely from visiting their country. He will probably make a visit to Great Britain, but he will not be honored in the way that our more responsible and civil Presidents have been in the past. Trump was NOT elected by a majority of the American people; only about 25% of Americans voted for him, and many of them already regret that decision.

    2. It’s not the fake news it’s the words coming from his mouth, we should of took the oil, we might get a second chance and that’s while there are 5000 US troop in Iraq his words could put them in danger the country is in up roar over his comments it madness, and he has upset China Mexico and Australia and it would seem the British people

    3. Dear Janet Reichel, actually you are only seeing within a glass bottle, you see what they let you see, even on 911, we here in other countries got more info, and faster than you americans got. You realise they let you know what is in their interest to let know.
      Donald Trump is a liar, or are you going to tell all the ministers and others in the other countries to bring you proofs for what everyone knows in the whole wide world except those who are his followers. He wasn’t even close to have been voted for by the majority. Don’t forget the hacking by Russia to benefit dump trump and to let down Hillary.
      Don’t come with BS cause we in the wide world, and now finally most people in AMERICA are fed-up of your president and fear for the future, instead of making america great again he will bring it down.
      He is bringing back the retro old times when women had no rights, just stayed at home at front of the stove, served the husband, obeying everything they told, and didn’t had opinions, nor had any sayings of what to do with her own body. That is the America you apparently want. Maybe you are one of those submissive wives in America, who knows.
      But don’t come with all your BS about proof and poo cause there are enough proof of him to be a liar, and a criminal, just wait and see till they are ready with the investigations, and you might get a selfie to idolize of dump trump behind bars.

  34. Skeptical. BBC not reporting such yesterday or today. Plus it’s only symbolic, wouldn’t guarantee it doesn’t happen.

  35. Dear UK Parliament, I am so proud of this desition! It is the right thing to do.
    Donal Trump is the disgrace of America.

  36. GOOD~! … The World Has To Stand Together and America Needs To Stand With The World … Donald Trump Is An Embarrassment To America and The Human Race. Truth~! PeaCe CHET MORRIS

  37. We commend our friends in Great Britain. The vast majority of us in the U.S.are embarrassed and ashamed that this treasonous, delusional and vulgar moron is sitting in the Oval Office. We beg your forgiveness, and we commit to you that we will fix this quickly.

  38. As an American citizen, am happy to read that the UK will not be rolling out the welcome mat for the Orange Cheeto Trump.
    Way to go Brits!

  39. Never before have evil evocked so much repulsion as has humanoid FRAUD tRump.
    From childhood my vocabulary has been well defined and manered…Never speaking nor writing out of context….
    HOWEVER and to my dismay I find myself in painful FRUSTRATION just thinking about what to say or how to desctribe satan’s own!

  40. As an American I am asking that Trump not be given the honour of a state visit. It would break my heart to think that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would have to suffer the indignity of dinner with this buffoon!

  41. THANK YOU!!! trump is an embarrasment to 50% of Americans and the other americans bought into his delusion (even though he has LIED to the world regarding the smallest numbers ever) as if he actually gives a flying fuck about anyone under the 1% income . He’s a total wanker

  42. As a child of British parents, and have lived in England as an adult, I follow the news from England. This decision makes me feel proud to be of your land. FINALLY, a country standing up to 45. Being a Canadian it’s very hard to have this horrifically uneducated, entitled, fear mongerer running a country in our backyard. Thank you for making this woman proud to be of your land.

  43. I support the rejection! Donald Trump’s visit does not warrant elaborate treatment, special attention or in any way what appears to be encouragement/approval of his outlandish behavior, antics and policies. If he must come, make it low-key and minimally covered by the media. PLEASE don’t cave!

  44. I’m glad they are standing up for their principles, I hope more foreign countries do the same. Most Americans here feel the same way.

  45. How would THEY feel if the American Congress voted against a visit from Queen Elizabeth on basis of a democracy’s objection to royalty in general and the Windsor’s in particular?

    1. You’re attempting to compare two wildly different, and in your case, hypothetical, concepts. Trump’s consistently horrible behavior is real and ever-present.

    2. This man is not fit to be the president of anything …they voiced their legitimate concerns and I thank them for their good moral compass. Authoritarian dictators should not be legitimized by democratic nations.Too bad the republican Congress doesn’t have the courage of the British Parliament A BIG thank you to our British friends! Ann Marie

    3. The differnance is the Queen is a wonderful human being and leader. Not a fascist dictator waiting to rise like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Two completely different people with very different ideologies.

      The us has a flawed democracy. Only 27% of the population voted him in. That in and of itself says a lot about our “democracy”.

  46. Best treatment of 45 ‘ s mental illness is to not reinforce his bad behavior but apply a strict behavior modification regimen globally as if parents and teachers responding to a petulant child. Reward him for his clever and creative bilateral trade deals, or his recommit to NATO, global human rights, etc. He thrives on praise, but needs like a small child to be told clearly how to earn that praise.

  47. I am so glad parliament did this. Somebody like Trump does not warrant a diplomatic response.
    We have to all speak out against the kind of behavior that typifies him. We have enough dictators
    in our world today.

  48. This is why DJT is not my president. He is an embarrassment on the world stage and has made America Laughable not Great!

  49. Don’t let that dirt bag soil your country. The majority of Americans can’t even listen to his phony voice. We change the TV channel every time the news shows cover him. We send letters and sign petitions and demonstrate in the streets, but nothing seems to get the point across to this amoeba that we DON’T WANT HIM in Washington. We just want him and his goon squad to go screamingly into that good night.

  50. We salute you for standing up for right
    Thank you for sending a clear message that our own representatives cannot seem to do.

  51. Why should beloved, dignified, revered
    Queen Elizabeth have to be exposed to him? She deserves better treatment than that.

  52. No doubt May who slobbers over him in a desperate attempt to woo the bastard into giving us a good trade deal (he won’t) will completely disregard this and plough on regardless. In addition, 2 million votes against his visit clearly shows the ‘will of the people’ but I imagine she will cherry pick whose ‘will’ she listens to unless it’s in accord with her own agenda of destroying the country.
    Whether it’s a state visit or not, people will be demonstrating against Trump, so either way it will be an embarrassment for her and as Trump has such a frail and in skinned ego he will cancel any trade deal anyway when he witnesses first hand how truly despised he is in the U.K. May is a fool to court this bigoted hate fuelled jackass.

  53. The Cheeto* is a pig and I for one respect your decision not to invite him to a full state visit…do not let him near your women or children…he is a liar and all the other names that have been attributed to his vulgarity…be strong you may be seeing a lot of our citizens taking refuge away from this misery…

  54. Thank you British Parliament for doing what our representatives cannot seem to bring themselves to do- represent the people, the majority of Americans. We are outraged and embarrassed by this man. Some of us saw this coming and others, desperate but uninformed enough to think he could help them as a leader, are shocked. The important thing is for the world to take a stand and not look the other way. Thank you for leading the way.

  55. Thank you, British Parliament, for standing with the decent people of America and voting NO to a state visit by president #45. Thank you for resisting. Thank you for caring about your daughters and all of humanity. Please continue to resist. THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS!

  56. As a first generation American of a British born father, I say good for you! Although I was secretly hoping Trump would come visit and get “lost” while in the U.K.

  57. In America 27% of eligible voters enabled this snake oil salesman to become President. I would beg Parliament to not let him come and spread his toxicity in its hallowed halls.

  58. YES! THAT IS REASONABLE. donald trump has not been accountable for anything that he has done. THE CORRUPT CROOKED DECEITFUL DEVILS REPUBLICANS GOP ARE JUST AS DISGUSTING AS donald trump.














    1. Trump is a liar and a bully. I don’t care where you are from, these are NOT the qualities of a Great President. As President, he should be doing everything to unite the country. Instead, he speaks only to his supporters and everyone else, Democrats, independants, the Media and members of Congress have been called ‘his enemies’. He is NOT a great president!

    2. God’s gonna kick his arse! He represents the worst of America – the underbelly… He will sell you and your henchmen out without a thought…

  59. Proud of the British Parliament for voting to uphold standards of decency, as well as acceptable governance, when they voted to refuse to approve an State Visit invitation to Donald Trump. I wish our American Congress manifested half as much independence and intelligence.

  60. Congratulations British Parliment for having more integrity and respect for yourselves and your daughters than (apparently) our electors do. Thank you for holding up a mirror that I hope our Trump supporters will see.
    April Whitney

  61. As a Brit living in US I was horrified that the present unworthy president has been invited for a state visit. The thought of the Queen having to meet and entertain such a ghastly man is really cringe making, and I very much hope good sense will prevail and that the visit is cancelled whatever the cost.

  62. As a US citizen I say stick to your morals. Be an example to the world that this man’s behavior is unexceptionable. I will respect your choice for a no state visit.

  63. The sane citizens of the USA are being held captive by a crazy man and his even crazier henchmen. For the first time in my life, I feel what it must have been like to live in Germany at the start of the Third Reich. We have a president who is a dictator pretending to be a man of the people…….which is exactly how Hitler started out.

  64. He is getting nothing more than he deserves. He and his administration need to understand there are consequences to their bad behaviour, he blatantly lies then when he is shown up he blames others and just insists he didn’t say or do it. He can’t talk about women like they are less than human and expect warm welcomes. He can’t call Mexicans thugs and rapists and then expect them to fall at his feet and through all of this he never apologizes. The man is a heartbeat away from being institutionalized. My opinion of course, but I believe that British Parliament did the right thing and more countries should do the same.

  65. I extend my deepest appreciation of and respect for the British Parliament for your action tonight in rejecting the idea of inviting donald trump (sorry, I just cannot bring myself to give this man the dignity of capitalizing his name. It is an intentional reverse of correct grammar, not a typo) for a state visit. I had thought of this several weeks ago and could not imagine how the Queen could subject herself to being in the presence of this horrible man. By declining to extend an invitation for a state visit, you save your Queen from this disrespect and you send a powerful message to our government that will, perhaps, shake some civic and moral conscience to the surface of the Repubicans who are greedily choosing party power over leadership and decency. Thank you. I am proud of my own distant British heritage. John de holland, a distant great grandfather was married to the sister of King Edward the VIII. Vera Holland Guise, Cuļlowhee, North Carolina, USA

  66. Thank you, we the people (who did NOT vote for this Pig) appreciate the fact that you see what we see and we are trying to hold him accountable but with him in the White House and the fools he has surrounded himself with, we are fighting an uphill battle. Hopefully feeling pressure from other allies will make him aware of how out of control he is(probably not) But we thank you United Kingdom, a voice of sanity in what has become our insane world!

  67. Thank you for standing up for your principles ! The majority of US citizens are truly embarrassed by Trump and the support we have from around the world means everything to us ! He terrifies us ! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💕✌🏻

  68. Thank you for not supporting this man’s disgusting attitude and behavior towards women.
    Conservative Americans are so eager to accept Trump as president that they blindly accept his immorality, bigotry, misogynous character. Who wouldve thought it would be The Liberal democrats who are speaking out against trump because of his violations of the constitution,his trampling of family values, his disrespect for women and lacking in morals. Obviously conservative republicans have lost their minds!
    Thank you for holding on to yours!

  69. The New York Times is developing a story—a kind of “theory of everything” in the “Russiagate” scandal—
    saying that Trump, Pence, Bannon, Reince Priebus, James Comey, Gen. Kelly, Gen. Flynn, Steven Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions, Wilbur Ross, Andrew Puzder, Rex Tillerson, Dan Coats, Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Gen. Mattis, Tom Price, Robert Lighthizer, Scott Pruitt, Nikki Haley, Elaine Chao, Linda McMahon, Mick Mulvaney, David Shulkin, Sonny Perdue, Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Vladimir Putin all conspired to have Trump & Co. elected to the White House for the express purpose of lifting sanctions on Russia, removing U.S. support for the government of Ukraine,
    siding with Russia in votes on all NATO decisions, Pairing ExxonMobil with Rosneft to develop six or more massive Russian Arctic oilfields worth more than one trillion dollars (the proceeds of which would be divided among the conspirators named above), and the Kremlin would fund this conspiracy of treason using multiple billions of dollars it would deliver to Trump, laundered through Deutschebank as “loans” to Donald Trump & The Trump Organization.

    1. There’s probably a lot of truth to that. Trump isn’t wasting time on learning how to govern our powerful nation but has quickly put his greedy friends in position to reap massive wealth at the expense of hardworking Americans and the environment. His well intentioned followers still believe his business”savvy” = prosperity for this country but refuse to look at his appointees for who & what they represent…..Rich people fattening their portfolios. He’s systematically getting rid of past bills that protect some consumers from the investment industry as well as environmental protections to name a few. SMDH

    2. Thank you, Donny Wilmer. I agree with your assessment, and you have named some conspirators I have not heard of before, so this information is valuable to me. I also think that Trump and Putin are conspiring to create warfare – they are both insisting on a greater build-up of military arms, including nuclear weapons. Warfare is profitable for this class of people, and they really don’t care about the lives of the people they send out to fight. I hope that we can prevent their goals from becoming reality. I’m going to try and save your comment so that I can research it further. I am gald that Britain has voted to not have him for a full state visit; and even though they have said this vote is “non-binding” I hope they will stand by it. It will hurt his fragile but overblown ego, and he will tweet all kinds of strange remarks, but that might actually be helpful…the more he tweets about how upset he it about the way he is being treated, the more we know about him and his weaknesses. Unfortunately there are those who believe everything he says and are very vocal about it; these people will be whipped up into a passion, as they generally are. But they are in the minority. They don’t even believe that – they think they are the majority – but they are not. I believe there is hope, and I truly believe that at some point he will be deposed. I only hope that we can also defang his cronies. Thank you.

  70. Britain may have voted to not make Trimp’s visit official, but by making the vote “non-binding” they took all hug teeth out of it & it means nothing!!

    1. Actually, it means a great deal, as the world now knows the British government has no respect for, nor approval of, someone as appalling as Trump, even if he’s managed to weasel his way into America’s top job.

  71. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !! We, the average American, are doing the best we can to get rid of ‘it’. I sincerely apologize to the rest of the world for this ‘thing’ getting into such an important position…. ANY HELP THAT ANYONE MAY RENDER WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. !!

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if our cowardly lion, self concerned, accessories before and after the fact excuse for a legislative body would provide that help. Maybe the British Parliament can take them in as interns and train them in governing with integrity!

    1. You forget so soon, the MAJORITY of Americans voted foe him. You don’t understand Democracy( the most votes win), not the whiners after the election whose person didn’t win.

      1. NO, Sealflipper, the majority of Americans did not vote for him! The ELECTORAL COLLEGE put him in office. Can you read? If you can, please read all of the above posts about how he did not get the majority of votes. HE DID NOT GET THE MAJORITY VOTE!

      2. What the f*** is the matter with you? The majority did not vote for him. What about that do you not understand? The number of individual votes for Hillary Clinton was 3 million more than for Donald Trump. Jesus Christ, wake up!

      3. Sealflipper, like your beloved leader you need a few lessons in basic English. Majority means more than 50%. (You’re familiar with percentages?)
        As not all Americans voted, and of those who voted less than 50% actually voted for Trump then he did not get a vote from the majority of Americans. Or have you just produced another alt truth from your alt intellect?

      4. You should do some research bub! Trump did NOT win the Majority vote. He lost it by 2.8 million votes and was handed the election by a wholly Partisan Electoral College, on the strength of 10,000 votes. Hillary Clinton wont the popular vote By 2.8 million votes! Get you facts straight and not Alt- Facts!

        1. I should have added; In the US the majority does not win. It is whoever the Electoral College says wins. Not democracy, as is the case in most sane countries. You should take some civics lessons bub!

      5. Again, the majority of Americans DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!!! Where do you get your false information? Trump and his misinformed followers??? Thankfully there are thousands upon thousands of informed Americans who are resisting and will continue to resist his “presidency”. Kudos for Great Britain!!!

        1. The majority also did not vote for Hillary, the majority being trump voters and those who couldn’t be bothered to vote!!

    2. I think you are wrong there, as from my slant on this, the majority either couldn’t be bothered to vote or voted for him.

  72. This current USA president has verbalized and demonstrated ill intent for the well being of the American people. He is uniformed to the USA Constitution and have instilled fear tactics to divide our diverse community..I am sad at the mass Division I have seen because of him..He degrades women , makes fun of the handicapped, and BLATANTLY lies–Always Blames…I pray justice to prevail and intervention take place to remove him from this leadership position. I would NOT have him in my home. Equivalent to someone’s country.

  73. As an American who actively opposes the current administration, I would be in full support of the UK declining any visit, state or otherwise, from the national embarrassment currently in the Oval Office.

  74. Excellent choice ! Stand by it! As an American he is an embarrassment to the United States of America. He has been the sore winner for a month and it feels like years! Thank you! He may get the message!

    1. If by “get the message” you mean actually begin to feel remorse for his conduct….ah, no. He will respond by doubling down on the Twitter tantrums.

    2. Christine Burke…I stand with you. And I congratulate British Parliament for a wise decision.
      He is a horrible embarrassment and does not represent the majority of American citizens.

    3. He was elected by the majority of the people of the great USA and should be treated as their President. You will come with cap in hand and eat humble pie.


          1. I believe you have the Hitler part assigned to the wrong person.
            Read up on Hitler. You will see many similarities. 🙂

          2. Meaningless mathematical nonsense brought to you by the Electoral College, “Candy”. He lost by 3,000,000 votes. And he has the lowest popularity of any sitting president entering office in US history, at or below 40%. Many polls give him a tie with the backlash numbers after GW Bush’s non-response to Hurricane Katrina (39%), and the trend is downward. Not good. One way out for him might be to pick a fight, start a war, and whip up nationalist fervor and redouble efforts to silence dissent; a depressing possibility exactly aligned with the thoughts of Nazi Steve Bannon. The numbers do confirm what i already knew; we Americans have not lost our minds, and have not yet lost our republic. But for the moment, we are quite screwed.

      1. Most Americans do not know much about Americans role in World War 2, it comes from watching too many John Wayne war movies , they made no moves to aid the world until Pearl Harbour , Great Britain paid the US. for aid under the “lend lease”agreement then has followed the US into every war since !

        1. Except Vietnam. I’ve been involved in two of them and like many Brits have had the joy of being shot at by trigger happy US troops.

        2. You really shouldn’t stereotype as I am certain most Britons don’t know much about WW2 either! My father was a WW2 veteran that suffer the effects of its ugliness until his dying day. If you knew anything about WW2 then you would know why America stayed out of it until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Your country is no different from America’s liberals and conservatives. I was watching the the debate on CSPAN yesterday and must say I was thoroughly entertained! Thank you for giving me WAY!

          1. The States needs to learn to stay out of or stop causing wars. I have many letters from my uncle who also served in WWII as a Canadian soldier. One letter stated that Canada served under the British uniform in the beginning and then under our own Country’s. I don’t recall anything ever mentioned about Americans.

      2. No, Trump did Not get the “majority of the people of the USA”; . The Majority did NOT vote! Of those who did vote he received about 44% and H. Clinton received about 46% with the rest of the votes going to the Libertarian Party and Green Party candidates (and a few write ins i.e.. “Mickey Mouse”) Trump definitely did NOT get a “Mandate”!

      3. He did not have the majority he win by electoral college Ayako more people didn’t bite than bored for this dictator wanna be.

      4. Well, no, as has been stated many, many times, he was not elected by a majority of Americans. And he got the electoral votes by way of voter suppression, Russian interference, media bias, fake news and Comey’s shenanigans.

      5. Yes, he is the US President but he is also a pathological liar and grifter, totally unfit to serve. His towering ignorance and narcissism is a great embarrassment to the office he now holds.

      6. He was elected by the electoral college votes not the majority of American citizens Clinton received the majority of the popular votes the majority of Americans voted for her.

      7. Actually, that’s not true. Only about half of eligible US voters bothered to get up out of their Laz-Z-Boys to vote. And of that, more of them voted for Clinton, who won the popular vote. And, in addition, there appears to be some indications of Russian interference in the US elections in order to throw the White House to Trump. Trump and his administration are frauds, perpetrated on the US. Bravo to the Brits for putting the fraudster in his place!

      8. But he wasn’t elected by the majority of the people in the U.S. Hillary Clinton got the votes of almost 3 million more people. Trump was “elected” by fewer than 10,000 votes in 3 states thanks to the electoral college.

      9. He was NOT elected by a majority of the American people! First of all, only about 50% of the population even voted. Then he received votes from only about 25%, which was enough to get the electoral win because of gerrymandering, voter suppression, and invalidation of many votes for frivolous and improper reasons. He did NOT win the popular vote. Many of us here would like to abolish the electoral college so that this type of error will not happen again. That will be difficult because the electoral college is part of our Constitution. But NO, he did not win by a majority. He likes to say that he won by a landslide, but that is simply not true.

      10. No, the majority of Americans voted for Clinton; unless you believe his unsubstantiated claims of false voting. Oh, wait, I lost you at “unsubstantiated”. Look it up, I’ll wait..

      11. He was NOT elected by a majority!!!! In fact, of the voters, he lost the election by nearly 3,000,000 votes. It was the stupid electoral college structure that gave him the victory… some region’s voters counted 3 times the vote of other region’s voters. If you consider the entire population of eligible voters, Trump only received slightly more than 20% of the vote.

      12. He was not elected by a majority of us. He is an embarrassment to a large majority of us American voters. His opponent received almost 3 million more votes. Study the outdated method of electing a US president. His approval rating here stans at 39%.

      13. No he was not elected by the majority of Americans.
        This is common knowledge.
        Are you a perveyer of #AlternativeFacts

      14. Sealflipper, I don’t where you get your info but, Trump was NOT elected by the majority of the American people.He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. He only received 28% from the voting public. Besides that, The popular vote means squat in the USA. 306 electors voted for him. That’s it! 306 appointed electors (out of a population of 350 million) put this “man” in the Whitehouse.

        1. You are right about the 304 electoral votes…compared to Clintons 227. (Which she wouldn’t have had that many of not for CA’s 55) Now look at the number of actual individual states each won…Trump 31 Clinton 20+DC. As a Virginian I can say that the only reason she won my state is because of what we call NOVA which controls most of the states votes. So before you jump in on the popular vote scenario consider the map as a whole. Instead of the most populated states most of which vote along party lines instead of thinking for themselves.

          1. Amanda, so why didn’t he just come out to California and win the 55? Any theories? Could it be because he couldn’t? He should have carried his home state, New York, but he didn’t. Any theories on why not? How is it that an Alabama electoral win for Trump is meaningful, but a California electoral vote for Clinton is not? I’m really not following your argument. Are we coast-dwellers less American than those living in the South or the plains states? A prior comentor asked (paraphrasing) “why not wall off New York and California from the United States and gas them all”? Minus the mass-murder part, you’re not saying we are less American or less human than you, are you? Why not just take the vote as what it is and leave it at that.

      15. So True, they all must be a Bunch of Liberal Lefties!
        Seriously from this VERY PROUD AMERICAN, OUR GREAT PRESIDENT DOESN’T NEED TO OANDER TO ANYONE. Especially people from another Country who are like the snowflakes here that take 5 Sec of Fake News and Believe it 😯. As people did here maybe a little of your own research of who President Trump truly is,

        1. Snowflakes? When Trump is the biggest cry baby in the world? That’s funny.
          News flash: people from conservative Republicans to liberals run away from Trump like the plague. So it’s not your big opportunity to whine about leftists or liberals.

        2. Oh dear Lucy, the alt truth is strong with you. If we hadn’t known you for a Trump supporter with your alt English, including the random and sub-literate capitalisation I’d have thought that you belonged to UKIP.

        3. Jesus…enough with the ‘snowflake’ stuff already. It’s the kind of sneering shite that only the mentally lazy/stupid use to hide their lack of a valid point. And re: those who believe ‘fake news’….Trump supporters are the ones duped by Breitbart’s batch – even when he gleefully admitted in his post-viral speeches that he hadn’t literally meant half of what he said before the election.

        4. The “fake news” is actually the lies that trump spews. I.E., illegal votes, his successes, fear-rousing, his “authority is not to be questioned”, And yes, even the president of the great U.S.A. has to play a game and cooperate with a great number of countries. His belligerent, bullying tone is only going to thoroughly isolate us from the rest of the world. And despite trump’s attitude, yes we do need other countries in order to stay strong.

      16. No, he was not …! Almost 3-million more votes went to Clinton…..the Electoral College votes went to 45 due to gerrymandering in Republican districts. He is the loser who “won” the election through fraud……a real jamoke! Never my President!

      17. Wrong. He didn’t get elected by the majority of the American people. He got the most electoral votes, but the majority of people didn’t vote for him. He needs to EARN that respect.

      18. Except that he WASN’T elected by the majority of the people of the great USA. The majority of the people of the USA stayed home. The second largest number voted for Hillary Clinton. Are you trying to confuse us with “fake facts?”

      19. He received 45% of the vote, in what world is that a majority? Yes the US is great but Trump is distroying what makes us great. The majority of the people oppose him

      20. Actually. He didn’t win a majority of the people of the us or even the people that voted.

        He lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes. But because he won the electoral college he was able to take the presidency.

        And only around 50% of people who are eligible to vote actually voted.

        So really trump only got around 23% of the countries vote. Far from a majority.

      21. He was not elected by the majority of the people of the USA……. H. Clinton achieved 3 million more votes than The Orange Hitler but the electoral college voting system ensured that he won……. But why let the facts get in the way?………….. Incidentally, there is no “H” in umble pie, an expression unrelated to dignity.. Umble pie is a dish containing the innards of a deer but I would not expect you to know that as to do so requires an education.

      22. He was NOT elected by the the majority of us citizens. He lost the popular vote. Their crazy ass way of voting, which, by the way, has no privacy, goes6by electoral counts. Study that so you understand the difference.
        How many countries require their voters to state the party they are voting for, their nationality, their religion and whatever other personal information they want? Where is the privacy in that?????

      23. Sealflipper, when Trump and the other fascists cut health care, privatize social security and medicare, do away with the EPA and other environmental protections, give big tax cuts to the wealthy and all the other hateful and irresponsible actions you will be regretting you voted for him. Oh, unless you are a Rascist, then you’ll always be a Trumper.

      24. He did not win the polpular vote which means the people of the United States did not want him as president. Trump and Trump supporters love to lie about everything.

      25. Sealflipper: “He was elected by the majority of the people of the great USA and should be treated as their President.”

        No, he was not elected by the majority. Do keep up.
        Being treated as a president doesn’t have to include being treated respectfully, especially if you don’t behave as a president should. If he wants respect, he should try to earn it.

      26. Where did you get your Alterntive Fact? Majority voted against Him you Moron. Stop spreading “#FakeNews”. I wish there was a way I could rescind my vote. The biggest mistake I’ve made by far!😡

      27. CORRECTION Trump was NOT elected by majority vote…. He was named by the outdated electoral college………. Hillary beat him in the general election by 2.9 MILLION votes

      28. No he wasn’t elected by the majority of people. He was elected by the electoral vote. There is a big difference, like about three million people.

      29. No, Trump was not elected by the majority of our citizens. He lost “bigly”; however, given the electoral college, he won enough states with small populations and small majorities in some big states. It is critical to understand that Trump and what is now his party are trying to destroy consumer protections, health care opportunities for those who do not have it through their jobs, choice for women, attacking those who look different from him, while insulting many countries around the world. Citizens of the U.S. are afraid to leave the country after the hours of interrogation they receive just due to “not looking like him.” Watching your Prime Minister holding hands with him was very strange. Having lived for 3 years in the UK, I feel an affinity with much of what happens there–and this debate and vote cheered my heart.

      30. Actually you are wrong He was NOT elected by a majority of US voters. Hillary Clinton Was by 2.8 million votes. Trump was handed the election by the wholly partisan Electoral College!. Get your facts right!

      31. He was NOT elected by a majority of the people of the great USA. Can’t any of you Trump supporters read and comprehend true facts? Obviously not!

      32. He was elected by 27% of the US electorate. He lost the popular vote. Nearly 48% of the eligible voters did not cast a ballot. Neither major party candidate won a defining majority because minor party candidates pulled some of the votes and better candidates in both parties were denied the chance to run by the manipulation of their national party heads.

        But you just go right ahead and believe what they tell you, reality will have the last word.

    4. I am so proud to be a Trump supporter. I have not been brainwashed by the far left in America. I agree that his ‘potty mouth’ needs to be controlled better but during the past several years America is being exposed to the trashy public TV and movie shows and he has picked up some bad and offensive language habits. I am not even sure this article is legitimate with all the ‘fake news’ that is floating around. We will see.

      1. Gee whiz not to mention the man who sued the Environmental Protection Agency umpteen times, (you remember, the EPA used to stand up with those who protect drinking water from toxic metal and coal ash pollution, prevent toxic sir from factory and farm pollution, etc.) so now your friends are inheriting widespread endangerment of the air they breathe, the water they drink, the safety of their children, the health of the entire continent, because Pruitt stands for fracking the ground people live on and gas in the repeater–flame on!! Should be a live video game challenge for so many people who need that ramped-up adrenalin surge to feel awake. . . Good for you

      2. So you are saying Trump is not adult enough make decisions on his own and that he should not be personally responsible for what comes out of his mouth? Your comment is the epitome of a distinctionsl relationship he screws up and you say ” it’s ok little Trumpee”.

      3. America is not “exposed”, some lap it up like it is the best thing every, in regards to the trashy TV, that included Trump’s show. He has not picked up this language and bad habits, he is 70 yrs old, and it already was part of his personality.
        He doesn’t not only have a potty mouth, which is pretty lame excuse and definition, but is certifiable and a liar and traitor, and cares absolutely nothing about anyone but himself and always tooting his own horn. Never have there ever been a constant ongoing reiteration of all the votes one received. He is the worst representative of the United States ever, and everyone needs to remember that, as well as not caring a twit about anyone, as one can see him go back on his “promises” all a bunch of BS hype over and over, and then promote anyone and anything that will help him get more money in his pocket and doesn’t care about the results of what happens to the future generations.

      4. It’s real! And since you’re a Trump supporter you probably won’t accept that CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post covered it, but it was also covered by Fox News. If you want “fake news” check with Sean Spicer — he produces it daily.

      5. I know lots of people who watch TV and don’t talk like Trump does. He’s pretty disgusting. And if by brainwashed you mean you haven’t learned how to think critically, well, that’s really sad.

      6. His “potty brain” needs to be controlled. Or better yet, cleansed, so that it might function as something with reason, respect and compassion. At the moment, his aged brain functions entirely with greed and cruelty at the forefront.

      7. His “potty brain” needs to be controlled. Or better yet, cleansed, so that it might function as something with reason, respect and compassion. At the moment, his aged brain functions entirely with greed and cruelty at the forefront.
        BTW, madame, the star of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice was one of the most prolific purveyors of “trash TV”. And this cretin is planning to destroy valuable arts institutions such as NPR, PBS, and the National Endowments of the Arts and Humanities. This is what tyrants do – they make information and education unavailable to their victims. Why? Because, historically, tyrants have always feared an informed public. Why do you think the Nazis burned books?

      8. You’re telling us that little Donnie doesn’t have adult self control? What else will he not have control over… anything to do with committing us to an unnecessary war, perhaps?

      9. Trump makes his policies based on what he sees on Fox News. He does not pay attention to legitimate briefings as previous Presidents have done, and he does not fact-check or have his advisors fact-check. I am sorry that you feel as you do. I hope that as time goes on and you see the results of his being in authority you might change your mind.

      10. Picked up some offensive language habits?? Seriously? LMFAO! He’s been the same idiot he’s always been. A racist little rich boy who hid from the military because of sore feet. Your brainwashed alright. There is ore to life than #alternativefacts… should investigate that.

      11. Fake news, you mean bowling green, the terror attack on atlanta, and the terrorist attack on Sweden?

        Fascism starts by discrediting the media. And then inserting their own version of the truth, one that isn’t based in reality.

        The only thing fake in the news is anything Donald trump and his administration says, his hair, and his fake spray tan.

      12. Best run along to Alex Jones to find out what’s real and true. You’re making excuses for him and probably wouldn’t allow someone like him into your own home for any period of time.

        Trump quote: “I’m not a schmuck. Even if the world goes to Hell in a handbasket, I won’t lose a penny.” Look it up. This is who’s in office now, and he entertains a slew of people at Mar a Lago, people who haven’t been vetted. How many times has he been there now? He calls them “the special people.” They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have access to him. How many of them are foreign nationals? Terrorists? Thieves? Spies.

      13. Nancy, are you for real? You honestly believe that television is the reason that Trump is so foul-mouthed? The man has admitted to being promiscuous in his youth and beyond. He talks about “pussies”, etc. and if that doesn’t bother you, you are what’s wrong with America. Did you see how he treated first lady Melania when arriving at the White House? He jumped out of the limo and without thought for her, he leaves her to fend for herself to make her way to the Obamas on the front veranda. You need to do some reading from all news outlets. Not just one. Wake up, lady!

      14. He going to sell your ass down the river just like the rest of us. Keep on supporting him. You better get your house in order and support our Lord Jesus Christ

      1. Jeffrey Meeks – so sad this is the only card you’ve got to play. The election is long over. We’ve all moved on to policy, international relations, and a million other things that The Donald is thoroughly destroying. I notice you don’t mention anything beyond the “win”… Buyer’s remorse?

          1. Trump gets back what he gives. The international community sees it and I wonder why some of us still do not get it. We may all go down 6 ft under with him.

          2. Absolutely right. trump, I fear, is going to propel us into war and our only ally will be Russia who will be more than happy to help us out at a great cost to our democracy. Russia’s goal is global domination and that is one way to get it. trump is no more than a putin puppet and he is too stupid to know it or too self-serving to care.

        1. We haven’t any oil so #45 isn’t interested. All he’s interested in is breaking up any opposition to Russian expansion and for him to have a picture of himself in a carriage in his favourite colour.

        2. Sorry. No. Not Australia. We and illegally detained Refugees are controlled by Dangerous Narcissistic Trump clones. Our neo-conservative Government is on a 24/7 rampage to Destroy most everything worthwhile about this country. Our Givernrment has been reported to the ICC for Crimes against Humanity. Our Govt is right now Gung-ho ready to be an ally and follow this mad POTUS into War. Same as was done in the War Criminal Invasion of Iraq. I Feared if Trump was elected he would formalise WW3. He is an Incurable Narcissistic Malignant. Narcissistics should never be allowed Power. But right now they are controlling our World in Devolution. I can only hope People Power will prevail across the World. Our Governor General is owned by our Government. I think we should go direct to the Queen to dismiss our Government.

          1. Your an idiot Ruth, the so called Refugees detained are country shoppers who passed through several safe countries before arriving in Australia, that makes them illegal invaders under law as refugees who escape the country of their persecution and make it to another country where they are not at war or persecuted must reside in that first safe country and make legal arrangements for Australian lawful immigration to Australia,

        3. Thank goodness for that , now we need to get him out of office and stop the damage he has already done . Thank you for your support .

      1. The only time that ever happened was when there was a world war and America was getting dragged into it; Britain paid every penny of the lend-lease back and it resulted in the loss of the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. And America only came into Europe when the British and Russians had it all down to mop-up operations, nobody wanted a Yank anywhere near because they shot more allies than Germans. Britain will never accept aid from the US again so shove that where the sun doesn’t shine. In the meantime, Your Russian lackey Donald Twitler can go back to playing golf.

        1. Problem is that UK is desperate to sign free trade agreements (FTAs) with major non-EU countries, including USA, as a result of Brexit. That is why Lightweight Theresa is feting Trump with her State Visit.

          We in the USA should only consider an FTA with UK if Americans firms get full access to the National Health Service, which should be privatized at least de facto.

          1. Jesper, The UK gets better health results spending half the money we do per person. Where do you get these crazy ideas?

          2. You Americans want full access to our NHS?? WTF? Thought most if you where enthralled with your own private health care and regarded ours as inferior?? You people are jokers.

          3. That is retarded! Health care , or rather the lack of it for so many Americans, is one of the main reasons the US has never been in the top 10 or more for standard of living world wide. The UK or any other country shouldn’t have to allow access to their govt funded healthcare!

          4. That is the deal we fear. I don’t think you Americans understand how we feel about our NHS: a personal example will perhaps shed a light. My dear husband suffered from a series of cancers over 12 years, from the age of 45, in his sinus, ear, facial nerve and finally, tragically, his brain. During that time he had at least thirty operations, including at least three over nine hours long, radiotherapy, MRI scans etc. As a consequence of these prompt and conscientious medical interventions he was able to work more or less full time as the CEO of an educational company until the year before he passed away. None of this cost us a penny, and the sense of security this gave us helped him to work and live fully and effectively. I have many other personal examples.
            It is also incredibly reassuring to know that consultants, doctors, anaesthetists, therapists and nurses are working for the patients’ benefit, not to make money for a commercial company. Our NHS, when it’s allowed to be, is irrefutably one of the best in the world. We absolutely do not want privatisation, and I can’t understand why anybody would advocate it.

          5. Only an American, with absolutely no understanding or experience of what a National Health Service entails and of the values it rests on, would suggest that their own profit-led firms be given full access to plunder the NHS. The NHS is not a ‘firm’. It’s a public service. The only ‘profit’ it works for is to profit the health of patients. Having had personal experience of an American firm with a contract to supply dialysis services in the UK and the utter disasters that happened for patients when the values of the firm (making money) clashed with the values of the NHS (putting patients first, I will fight every inch of the way against the incursion of ANY profit-driven firm into the precious NHS. Patients suffer. We don’t need to make profit out of suffering. Focus your trading needs somewhere else. Like finance. Or technology.

          6. No thanks, we pay for our health service in our taxes – it isn’t ‘free’. Privatizing so we pay twice would be ridiculous. In the U.K. Everyone can afford healthcare and medication w/o having to sell their home or a kidney, but feel free to have your overpriced healthcare, profit based system.

          7. Kent Gowler, What do you mean Government founded Health Care? Wake Up! Every UK Citizen who works and pays National Insurance Pays for the NHS! Nobody form outside of the UK who hasn’t worked in the UK for at least Two Years and paid in to the system should have any access to NHS health Care. It is The British peoples NHS, which is why it should never be sold or privatised.. it’s the lackadaisical money grabbing governments mismanagement that has screwed it up for the British People…. Government funded, that’s a joke!!

          8. Never! Leave our NHS alone! We don’t want your trade, we don’t want your companies, we don’t want your idiot president Trump! Keep the lot. I am buying nothing from USA while you have such a leader and we don’t want your troops either! Time to get them off our soil!

        2. Perfect. I am an American citizen and good for you guys. Trump is the most horrible human being and an embarrassment to our country. Stick to your guns. Love it. Hope the rest of the world shuns him except many are in it to make money just like trump and putin. They are in cahoots.

          1. This American agrees with your decision. I understand that it is not a statement about our nation but one about our unqualified 45th president. Most of us are appalled by his behavior and, I for one, respect that your country will not condone it by honoring him.

          2. I, too, am a U.S. citizen. I wish we, too, could disinvite him to our communities. He is
            toxic, stupid, racist, sexist, mentally ill, and a danger to our national security and world
            peace. Other than that, he’s a really nice guy.

          3. I am too and I love you guys for having a backbone! Was born in Hong Kong under British rule. Half the people there still have their hearts on England! God save the Queen!

          4. LIBTARDS are the most ignorant, dispicable and most disgusting animals on earth. ST FUCK UP BITCH!!!!
            You’ll be crawling on your needs begging for everything!!!
            There’s no place in America for ignorant people. You are dangerous. You liberals should be forced to live with muslims and then gas everyone of you.

          5. I am also an American citizen and embarrassed by SCROTUS (So-Called-Ruler-of-the-United-States). He is not my President. He is an affront to the principles and freedoms for which so many Americans have given their lives. Continue to stand up to this bully. The world needs to send a clear message that he is not acceptable.

        3. Not just the empire: a condition of the wartime ‘lend-lease’ payments was that Britain give all its mineral rights for yellow-cake (uranium ore) to the US, free and gratis. All the post-war US development of nuclear power was blackmailed out of the hands of the UK by US dirty politics. So they can shove all that in the same place.

          1. pat hayes>>> nowhere in that agreement that i have read says anything about Britain giving away all of its mineral rights? you find the document, i’ll repost that its true, otherwise that was bullshit.

        4. Do you not realise that the Trident nuclear deterrent is controlled by America. Trump makes all final decisions about the use of Trident. Britain is now beholden to America in every way. We will become a new state 💰

        5. Grand to listen to revisitive history ! Bugger off you lost sods! As for visiting London were I Donald Trump I wouldn’t give it much concern,as you see we watched as our last president lost all respect from foreign governments! You will eventually see what we Yanks see in Donald Trump.

          1. Charles, you assert that Obama lost all respect from foreign governments. And yet Obama was given a full state visit with no questions asked, and the British public welcomed him warmly. The fact that 1.85 million people petitioned the British government to stop Trump having a full state visit is all the proof you need that us Brits have absolutely no respect for him at all. When Obama visited, the people greeted him with cheers. When Trump visits he will see people lining the streets protesting him. Vastly different levels of respect.

        6. Not true….The Yanks saved Britain along with western Europe and started a tradition of the world expecting the US to be there helping other nations both financial and physically for which they get no thanks just criticism, blame and now haterd…and yet the insane part is the US keeps doing it….why bother? … maybe we should have listened to the Isolationist….by the way it was Obama that was always played golf……Question: Have they quit studying history completely in Britain today or just re-writing it to more politically correct ?

          1. Mate the US entered WWII but only after Pearl Harbour. The US only look after their own interests under the guise of benefactors to the world.

          2. Catadams…. you are not telling the truth yourself. The US had no intention of getting involved until 2 years in when Pearl Harbor was bombed. The rest of the time you have interfered and manipulated world economies and governments to your own advantage and did a piss poor job of it too. Haterd(sp) is a pretty strong word but there are many Americans who have been going to Europe wearing our flag (Canada) so they would not be taken for ugly yanks. That being said, I speak of the power mongers and opportunists, not the general American public who are both friends and family to us Canadian. Trump and his ilk are just going on with the dirty work as has been done to date.
            And…don’t forget when the war was on, the Canadian soldiers, airmen, sailors and merchant marines went to help right away. We or the UK don’t need history lessons from you.

          3. You are just another ignorant American who spends his day trying to rewrite history. Do yourself a favour – and the rest of us while you’re at it – and read a book. You will be surprised at how much there is to learn. As for Whitehall’s vote, congratulations. You have demonstrated a clarity of thought that the US can only dream about. It’s a pity though that your razor-sharp wit will be lost on the lummox that occupies the White House.

          4. First of all I am a Christian Woman who is also an American. I did not vote for Trump, he did not win the popular vote but he did win the electoral votes and whether we like it or not he is our President for the next four years unless he is impeached. I love my country and everything it has stood for in the past. I hear so many on this thread saying how the U.S has only caused them wars. Yet I see our countries national debt astronomical because we have bailed out and helped rebuild the countries of our brothers and sisters over seas. I have seen the food drives we do to feed your hungry. Where were all of you after we were attacked on 911by your Muslim friends?? Nobody offered to help us rebuild the twin towers or the Pentagon. We have our own hungry and homeless, some of which are American Vets, to take care of first and foremost. Do I support the actions of President Trump when it comes to Mexican or Hispanic people in this country??Absolutely Not.!!!!! These are my friends, my family and should be able to live and thrive in this country. They are of no threat to my country. Muslims who want to immigrate here I would also accept however take those shrouds off so I can tell if you are male or female, so I can see if you are hiding guns or any other weapon under your loose clothing, become Muslim Americans. Show me you are not a threat to the land I love, All immigrants should conform to the American values. Learn our language, If I were to immigrate to your country, including Mexico or Latin America you would expect me to learn Spanish, Honor our Flag, if you want to fly your home country flag, then by all means fly it, but stay in that country, don’t disrespect me, my country and all of those who have fought for my country by flying yours here while burning, trampling, or disrespecting our flag.We enjoy freedom of religion in this country. You will be free to worship Allah if you choose, I will respect your choice, I only ask you to also respect my choice as a Christian. When I see ISIS beheading my Christian brothers and sisters on my news channels, bringing hate and tribulations to my faith it makes me feel outraged. I ask have any of you seen Americans beheading anyone of any religion acting in such a preposterous way on your news channels. As for the Americans on this feed, whether you like President Trump or even condone the things he is doing, which I do not, forget whether you are a Republican or a Democrat and remember for a moment that President Trump is but one, we the people are many. Divided we are certain to fall but United we will stand.

        7. Of course the U.S.has won every war they have been in for the last 100 years. Not. They entered WW1 as Johnny Come Lately. They enteted WW 2 after a lot of us, I am Canadian, had done a lot of dirty fighti g with a lot of loss of human life . According to some American revisionist history they were the reason DDay was a success. Funny most people in France, Holland and Belgium remember that the Canadian and British troops liberated them. This current President is looking for a platform to stroke his ego. Please don’t give it to him.

        8. Please let me apologize now for 45 (he who shall not be named) on behalf of the 76% of Americans who did not support him. But while we are all looking at him showing his ass on a daily basis, our Congress is deregulation everything, including themselves. It will take years and years to fix the damage this administration will do.

        9. Are you nuts? Just read the basic history. American lend lease propped up Russia–they rode to victory in American trucks,ate American rations,even wore American manufactured uniforms.had America not aided Britain, they could never have dislodged the Nazi s were there no American merchant marine sending American supplies, Britain WOULD have been starved out.
          So many damned idiots here–hooray for us, we hate Trump and those American sods. Bugger off!
          He was the ONLY candidate who even ACKNOWLEDGED the threat that is currently destroying Britain–your muslim immigration. I would allow your true Britons to migrate here,escape your destruction, but the fools who rule you would insist we take raghead terror moles instead. I’d send you guns, but you can’t even be trusted with knives.
          So just go sink in your bog. If you t really believe all this twaddle,that is what you deserve.
          You will never have another Churchill. I can see his flaws. But I see no one of his caliber ever coming to power in Britain again.

          1. You are another prime candidate to be examined for “Confirmation Bias”. If you don’t know what this is go read about it.

          2. Disclaimer:
            Roger represents his own opinion and not the vast majority of sane Americans. He is likely a Trump following, chest-beating, historical revisionist. He is clearly free to voice these opinions but does not represent the majority of the USA…

          1. You’d be speaking German right now if Britain and the Commonwealth countries hadn’t been fighting the Nazis for 2-3 years while the Americans cowered behind the Atlantic. Americans saved no one while others fought to keep American cowardly asses safe. Have some respect and knowledge of history.

        10. You have an acute sense of history! I always admire some amateurs rewriting history to fit their agenda! Read Winston Churchill, if you ever heard of him!!!

        11. Yah Normandy was a mop up, also don’t forget who taught the redcoats to take cover in the bushes when they shoot! Look at me, look at my face, ask yourself, “am I bovvered?” Answer, I ain’t bovvered, James Bond …

        12. As the son of an American WW2 veteran, I would ask that you contain your vitriol against the US to this traitor Trump himself. Half a million Americans died in WW2 defending Europe. We were “late” to (Europe’s) war because the prior European war had also been painful for us, and arguably none of our business, which fed isolationism. But “late” must be a matter of perspective; I can tell you from the stories of my father, all my uncles, and the historic record, that WW2 on the western front was NOT confined to “mop up operations” when the US fought. You may also be aware that the last time Britain fought on US soil, Britain burned down our National Library for spite as they were leaving. So your pieties about the deficiency of the United States’ friendship with Britain are a bit lost on me.

          So terribly sorry you lost your empire.

      2. They don’t need our military assistance, & haven’t since 1941. Bail out money for what??? Plus they don’t have a bunch of Nazi’s running the county.

        1. It’s only those like yourself who are truly inbred because unlike normals humans, you cannot accept other people views and opinions because arseholes like you haven’t that capability being inbred……. You don’t know anything better than the sewer mentality you live in with kingpin sewer rat as mentor of inbreds.

        2. Is this typical of someone with TrumpItus or is this Trump supporter lacking in the be In brain department. He’s certainly got no manners – foul mother person !

        1. Absolutely correct. His full effect has not even remotely hit yet and already, the generation after generation country inbreds are lining up to inbreed with his own close family of trump inbreeds. I am sure with all the photo and video proof of backing THAT up with proof has surely circulated at least as far as Britian by now. If not, Google some words such as daddy trump has hots for daughters ” perfect piece of ass” and you’ll be offere pages of photos with matching stories and circumstances explaining the filthy pictures of Ivanka, his FIRST and favorite daughter and himself in compromising child sex/incest pics and if anyone else, involved other than the real Teflon Don was the subject of the filthy, Sàtan inspiring pics, he’d most likely have on his hot pink, prison jumpsuits complete with lightweight easy open rear end flap with Velcro access and the words printed on the upper back of his jump suit painted with cheap black spray paint using stencils these words, ” “Pay as you enter,, make your visits brief butt cum back as often as you can afford. And remember to make America great again, screw me at least as well as I screwed ,America and every innocent girl and woman who’s pussy I took the liberty in grabbing without their permission. A simple ball squeeze and twist will suffice as pay back on grabbed pussies and those I raped”. With a black, glitter painted arrow pointing towards his poot hole. I think he’ll actually enjoy his stay at “sick twisted perverted child rapists are us .” Have you seen the pics of his young Ivanka with the Whore hopping Putin? If not? I have copies. Of course, it involves more lies because I forgot, those were during the time period wherein he stated he and Putin had no relationship AT ALL and he did not even know Putin then. Well, his pictures are proof his pimp daddy appt book had a relationship with pouting poutin then! AlS….. Yet ADDITIONAL ALTERNATE FACTS from # 45 & 1/5th ( before impeachment and or arrest). Thank you world! All but Russia, Germany and the 7 middle eastern countries left OFF the travel ban AKA Musslim ban, THANK YOU FOR FORCING AMERICA TO EITHER PUT UP OR SHUT UP AND KEEP THE REPUTATION THE IDIOT THAT CANT EVEN READ OR WRITE EXCEPT FOR SIGNING HIS NAME ON EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAT PRESIDENT BANNON FILLS OUT FOR HIM, HAS TRIED TO GIVE US AND IS STILL WORKING ON IT. HOLD OUR FEET TO THE FLAME. SHOULD OUR COUNTRY NOT BE HANDED OVER TO AN INNOCENT, OBJECTIVE LEADERSHIP STAND IN UNTIL A REPLACEMENT PUT IN PLACE BY WAY OF A NEW ELECTION SAFE FROM RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE, IS NOT ASSURED AND MONITORED BY ALL FREE COUNTRIES ON OUR PLANET. ALL HIS GREEDY, PRIVATE CABINET PICKS MUST ALSO BE PUT OUT TO GRAZE. AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO TRY TO SAVE US FROM THIS DANGEROUS, IGGNORANT, INBRED, HITLER REINCARNATE.


      3. I think not. America isn’t the only game in town, and remember which country last went begging for war support — the US.

      4. M sweett You are disgusting and have no business pretending that you speak for the USA! So far, only people simpering to work for 45’s admin for monetary and celebrity gain are the ones who have been down on their knees! The more that people resist and refuse to normalize the deplorable actions of 45, the less people will have to get down on their knees for anything!

          1. It is YOU caught up on the election win for Cheeto Lord. Liberals and Democrats don’t have the luxury of whining about the election . We have to deal with this tyrants daily insanity and stand up to him so America doesn’t become a Russian whore…

          2. Jeffrey, I am so sick of being told that if I don’t worship at the alter of Trump, it can only be because I’m ”butthurt” that Hillary lost. The biggest difference between Trump and Hillary, is that Trump is too stupidly arrogant to try and hide his disgusting lack of morals. It just makes him easier to spot, that’s all. Don’t assume that because we see Trump for what he really is, we must have been suckered in by her. Evil is evil, no matter which mask it wears.

      5. You act if this act was disrespectful to America; it’s not. Parliament feels that, given his words and deeds, Trump isn’t worthy of full honors. They’re absolutely right!

        1. You are so right. He is a disgrace to our country. I am glad that that they voted this way. He needs to know where he is not welcome.

      6. How vulgar of you. And completely mature. It is their right to decide who visits them. And the last I checked, England has come to America’s aid in helping our military in the middle East.

        1. Everyone keeps saying England, England is not a single nation it is made up off three other nations …Scotland, Ireland and Wales I just wish the rest off the world would accept this and stop treating the other three nations as appendages of England, I am a proud Scot first, British second.

        2. Jessica, It was ‘Britain’ consists of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and ‘England’ and military personnel from all four of the countries who make up Britain would have come to the USA’s request aid and will do again. Britain is not just England

      7. The only wars the UK has been involved in since WW2 were those started by the US and none of them threatened the safety of the UK. If the US are so great why do they need Britain, Australia, Canada etc to help them? Britain has plenty of other, less warmongering, allies.

        1. This is not true.. British Forces have been active sonewhere on the Globe just about every single year since the start of the last century and probably long before that top. ..

      8. you mean like when the u.s goes begging for people to join another phony war based on fake facts about WMD’s? after the U.S. has abandoned it’s NATO allies that allow the u.s. to house our military in their country so we can ‘defend our interests overseas? is that what you mean…because you seem to think the u.s. doesn’t “need’ anyone else and you’d be sadly mistaken both economically and militarily…we rely on others but we think we’re the only ones involved…

      9. No, you have that wrong. It’s America that’s been asking for OUR help for the last 20 years!!! Can’t manage what you start.

      10. Trump will be impeached by then. There’s already a ton of evidence to impeach him. Just waiting on politicians to do their jobs.

        1. XXXilld : He won’t be the only one to go and they’ll be lucky if they aren’t put in front of a firing squad .Give them time :they can’t rush in without making sure they have enough and the right kind of evidence to impeach him ,and his cronies .

      11. I agree completely with you. They have no room to talk either. They have no manners and act insane while conducting their official business!

      12. Anytime the US thought it was saving the world, they arrived 3 years late after making vast fortunes by supplying both sides with weapons. Keep your damn guns at home.

      13. I’m proud to have served next to my British shipmates, and thankful they are our staunchest ally. I am doubly thankful they, unlike the US, are uncompromising in their sense of what is proper and decent. Thank you mates. Thank you very much.


        1. This is the old myth that the USA needs the oil of the world! Do you even know that we have more oil than anyone else and that we haven’t imported oil for years! And we pay only $2 a gallon (US not Imperial)

      15. The Brits have never needed a bailout from ‘Merica as the British pound has been a very highly desirable currency.. Forever!

      16. err we didn’t need a bail out or kneel for hitler so what makes you think we will do either for a pathetic little understudy like trump oh and we really don’t need military assistance from a school yard bully

      17. Fuck. You. I am a natural-born American citizen and I wholeheartedly agree with this! Other countries should NOT normalize this abomination of a presidency.

      18. No country or American should count on Trump or his cabinet to offer any kind of help to anyone. Oh, unless you are a very rich, white man. And even then they have to kiss his A##.

      19. That’s crude and disgusting – just what is expected of 45 and his supporters — and why he’s being socially downgraded.

      20. “And when you need a bail-out or military assistance, you will be on your knees with your mouth open!”
        Trump would certainly like that!

      21. The US has never assisted the UK unless in its own interest. UK world war dates 1914-18, 1939-45: US 1917-18, 1941(almost 42)-45. The U.K. has latterly just been a convenient and expendable off Europe weapons platform.
        We neither want nor need bigots like Trump here.

      22. America had to be dragged into the biggest wars in history,and they made the Brits pay through the nose for their support, the rest of the wars you have been in you lost remember the Viet Cong kicked you out of Vietnam,and you run out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

      23. The USA has never bailed Britain out. As for military assistance, you can shove it. The US is responsible for pretty much all of the wars going on in the world.
        Britain will not have to join in to spport that with this tosser in the WH.

      24. You’re dreaming. The British stood up for decency. Trumps indecent behavior must have consequences. He cannot get a free pass for his foul-mouthed violent offensive rhetoric. It’s not appropriate nor acceptable. I commend the British Parliament for taking action and making it clear there are necessary boundaries for abusive behavior.
        The U.S. needs to do the same.

      25. More like the other way around. Britain has backed America far tok much in their disgusting foreign policy. It’s time we stopped being the back up to the disgusting corporate takeover of other regions by the USA.

      26. Ahhhhh, Shut your pie hole, m sweett, and go grab your mom by the p#$$¥, you trumper. None of your business. You have bigger things to worry about than who hurt your itty-bitty man babies feelwings. Shouldn’t you be preparing for when trump hands USA over to Putin. You have to learn how to be humble under Russian control it will be hard to temper that arrogance for a while but once you submit, we hear it gets easier. USRF. United States of the Russian Federation, has a ring to it….. comrades.

      27. No one needs or will want help from tRump the truly insane ,evil, greedy , worthless ,manipulating ,tyrant dictator and his army ,everyone in the free world will be at our side as we would be at theirs. The Marches against tRump has already showed this ,

      28. Yes, from the wars who started exactly? & Who is the biggest winner of these constant wars? & Who are the countries that benefit from the billions of profit in arms sales? & Who sends advisors in afterwards to suck the last of the resources?

      29. erm, i think you’ll find the last time it was US Presidents begging for the UK to join in. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea. Learn some history frat boy.

      30. And you will be on your knees in front of you trumpy rapist with your mouth open –NO trump–he’s not a PRES–he’s a racist bigoted pig and if you support him–so are you.

      31. They won’t need military assistance, it will be the U.S. who will be in need of assistance because of chump.

      32. How can you bailout when you’re 18,000,000,000,000 in debt you idiot, the united States is the terrorist. Invading countries to steal toxic fossil fuels and spread the central bank; take your trumpe,t and put it in your arse.

      33. And there you have it. The vulgar trash talk that Trump inspires. I feel sad for you as that is best you can do. An 8th grade student can express themselves better than you.
        Good for the Brits. At least they have the spine to stand up for morals, values and character; which unfortunately is lacking here in the U.S.

      34. Right? Our alliance and support of the UK is conditioned on whether they approve of Trumps lack of moral character and careless and divise rhetoric? Don’t think so.

      35. Your language and statement itself is so degrading. Have you no dignity to even speak with a sense of pride without having to make it sexual. And you wonder why the rest of the world is losing respect for us Americans.

      36. When was the last time Britain sought American military aid? And you do realize England (the Bank of, specifically,) is the financial center of the world, right? You should press pause on the nationalism and start basing your reactions on facts.

      37. Australian army will always help Britain. Trump is a disgusting low-life bastard who doesn’t deserve being president of America.

      38. America alreafy bailed our British vsnks in ’09. If hou ever need us again, call on Americans to support you. Trump does not represent America’s best interests.

      39. Comments and attitudes like this are the reason why he is not invited. He is crass and we don’t have to support it. Grow up.

      40. M Sweett, you must be a Trump supporter – that’s the kind of crassness and inappropriateness that the British are exactly pushing back against! You make other American citizens lumped in with your “ugly American” language.

      41. Shut the hell up. Trump’s idiotic behavior is a reflection on idiotic thoughts like yours. Not everybody wants to be associated with such nonsense.

      42. You mean if 45’s friend Putin attacks them? Otherwise, we are usually begging Britain to back us up when we want to attack another country. The president isn’t the country.

      43. I agree. I can’t say that I’m in love with our new president, but he is our president. We have saved them and Europe too many times to have them treat a president like this.

        1. Cynthia Shapiro, it is a legitimate point of national pride that Americans came to aid Europe in two world wars. It will always be far too arrogant for (us) Americans to say we “saved them” however. I say that, per my prior comment, as the son of a WW2 veteran who fought and was wounded in Europe. Britons fought and died too, as we did, in large numbers. There is no need to clamor for a larger share of credit. Perhaps it is enough that our generation was spared the pain and horror of it, and we can suppose that it is a real virtue that we have fought on foreign shores for others’ sake, and not for empire (as Marxists routinely and wrongly claim).

          Do you not see that the peace and security which prevailed in Europe after WW2 — yes with vast American investment, defensive military deployment, and a nuclear umbrella which we payed for — is threatened by Mr Trump? What sort of vile thug would seeks closer alliance with an authoritarian, neo-fascist like Vladimir Putin? What sort of narcissist fool would attack the EU as a “failure”, when that same EU is — for all its faults — the outcome of a continent trying to create interdependent relationships, which are their steps leading away from the nationalist bloodbaths of the 20th Century?

          Nothing would shock me now from Trump. He could urinate on the graves of our lost soldiers at Normandy, and Paul Ryan and the rest of these traitors would defend him. And isn’t he doing even worse now, with actions which will undermine NATO, the EU , empower a neo-facist threat in Europe, and shatter the postwar order? Americans fought and died for something Mr Trump would destroy. This man is not my president.

          PS – Thank you Britain, you have done us a service by voting against extending state honors to this disgraceful American.

      44. You’re not the most logical human or you would realize that going along with Trump is voting for Hitler again. Don’t do History, eh??

      45. Just the opposite.. it’s the US losing all its friends and allies because this dumb fucking idiot. It’s gonna be us and Russia against the rest of the world. There will be no winner. Idk how everyone can’t see this

      46. Dream on little Nazi. The planet has already seen the likes of this guy and of truly sick people like Bannon. Apparently you were busy napping during those history lessons. Trump has managed to remove every ounce of respect the office of the president has garnered in every year prior. Are you blind or somehow impaired and unable to understand who this guy is?

      47. American military assistance has been costly and shit so far. Massive cock up in Iraq costing Trillions, millions of dead children on Uk conscience and complete terrorising instability in the region resulting in mass migration. If that is American help, no thanks. Bail out? Like when Goldman Sachs trashed the EURO? Or when Trump bought a golf course in Scotland? Or when The US forced Britain to stop buying bananas off Jamaica?

      48. Just because that’s how you spend your time don’t force it on others. Trump is a joke and most competent people around the world realize that. Hopefully your get off your knees and realize it too…maybe someday…,,hopefully soon.

      49. the only thing that needed a bailout were the US Banking Industry and US Automakers….after Bush destroyed the economy.

      50. M Swett. If you are referring to WW2, you seem to be neglecting the fact that North America refused to engage in the world war fight for peace and democracy because they were making far too much profit from the death of millions and millions of people. Join I g in at the last minute.

        1. Excuse me, Canada is part of North America….not true, please exclude us from our southern neighbours…as most of us can’t stand what Trump stands for… Canada entered the 1939-1945 War on 10th September 1939. Within two months the first contingents of Canadian troops arrived in the United Kingdom to supplement the British Expeditionary Forces (BEF). Although the war began with Nazi Germany’s attack on Poland in September 1939, the United States did not enter the war until after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. US more than 2 years later…only to protect their own interests obviously

      51. The Americans are more pron to Friendly fire than any other nation on the planet so it would not be wise to ask for military assistance and no sane person would want any help from TRAMP

      52. I think you should re-read some of your past history as it’s been the States on occasion that’s needed assistance from other Countries.

      53. This is not about the US, it is about the character of the man who is President. A man who is a psychopath who will take America to war or major military conflict. Besides, Parliament’s vote is non-binding.

      54. Maybe, but not just yet. For the time being, you can keep your fake Hitler and his First Slut all to yourselves. He won’t see HRM the Queen and that will hurt your narcissistic president all that much. Enjoy and do take a seat to wait till the next war comes for Britons to be on their knees with a boner pump!!!

      55. Spoken like a true Trumplethinskin, complete with inappropriate sexual imagery. Is it painful to be so ignorant? Because it certainly pains the rest of us..

    1. As an American who is rabidly anti-Trump, I am so glad to hear this. Darth Orange is the shame of intelligent people all over the States and I would be horrified for his poisonous infection to spread there.

    2. He must have reminded them too much of Charles back in the day when he was cheating on Diana and wanting to be Camilia’s tampon.

    3. But the article says the decision is non-binding, which tells me it’s more of a symbolic vote. Trump could still visit.

    4. Im sorry but that isn’t what has happened. There was no vote -nor is that the main chamber of the House of Commons – it was one of the rooms in Westminster Hall, a Committee room. –

      A debate occurred in order for the petition to be discussed – noting on public record what is said. There was no vote and whilst the Government must schedule a time for petitions reaching over 100,000 votes to be debated – not all debates go to a vote.

      Parliament debated the petition – “Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.”

      Watch the debate:

      Read the transcript:

      The petition:

      The Petitions team
      UK Government and Parliament

    5. I’m glad somebody is standing up to this bully, here in this country we talk about bullying with our kids, but maybe the kids should be talking to the gop about being bullied, food 4 thought.

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